In ZicTech, We offer space-efficient solutions, ideal both for indoor or outdoor spaces.

We focus on functionality, that’s why we designed Z bike stand according to your needs and requirements.

ZicTech‘s stylish, patented, world’s first, one-of-a-kind  Bike stand perfectly answer the bike owner’s storage needs. Z Bike stand is a perfect solution for your garage, home, apartment and more.

  Fits any wheel – 12″ – 29″, 700mm wheels ,20mm – 2.5″ tires

  No mounting or drilling- Ready to use

  Built-in storage for spare tubes, lights, tools, oil and more

  Space saver

  Easily store your bike vertically – without lifting your whole bike’s weight

  Can be used as trainer raiser block – Keeps the wheel in place, stabilizing the bike

  Protect your wheel – No pressure on wheel spokes

  Protect your gear tuning – Derailleur does not touch bike organizer

   Front or Rear Wheel  (When stored horizontally) – Simply Roll’ n Go

  No moving parts, no rust

  Metal hook for chain lock (optional)

  Link together – Fix and connect 2 bike stands to each other (optional)

  Registered patent